Thursday, December 15, 2011

Knitted beanie!

Recently learned knitting,tried my hands making hat.

Crochet Clutch

Made a crochet clutch with waffle stitch and combination of 2 colours.
I added a Zipper Chain for extra security.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rolled paper roses!!!!

Here is the close up!

Twig Wreath......

I always like the idea of recycling,spending less and utilising something to its best that's why I like Garage Sales, Give Away as well local Thrift stores.
Last week I got a twig wreath frame work in a Garage Sale and I thought of decorating it.
I had some colourful ribbons, scrapbook sheets in my stock and that's it,so it was really a challenge for me to reconstruct the wreath.
I made some pretty paper rolled roses and it came out really natural.

As well I made a big rose from a brown paper bag which I got from the farmer's market to carry vegetables.
A red big bow in the centre is a added charm.

Yarn made WReath...

Today since morning I can hear wind gushing and yeah its fall knocking on the door.
Fall means holidays,harvest,Halloween and much more,this year I tried making some wreaths.
While in my home country its not a known festive tradition but after coming to US and seeing these festive decor on everybody front door really made me fascinated.
My window to the outer world is my laptop with helping Google,searched out some pretty wreaths. As I had been crocheting and have some left over yarns so I thought of making a yarn wreath. But I wanted to make a recycled wreath without spending much,so here are the ingredients-

1.A circular cut out from a box( boxes which are used to pack fragile items during moving) as I didn't had a wreath foam.

2. Some colourful scrap yarn left from previous project.

3.Ribbons and beads.

4.Needle and thread for sewing.

It is the yarn which made wonder,I crochet some lovely flowers and a bow. As well wrapped the circular cut out with yarn.
I stitched the flowers and the bow on to the wreath.