Saturday, June 30, 2012

Patchwork Tablecloth...

I think i have mentioned earlier,that i bought a basic sewing machine few months back.I haven't ever used a sewing machine before so it was a exciting experience for me.
I am quite infatuated by different color fabrics,so I started with joining different pieces of fabrics many squares to make blocks.I may say it rather gave a quilting effect.
I combined different block to make a tablecloth.
As I am not a consistent follower of any single craft so I try to invest as less as possible.
I didn't have any rotary cutter to cut the cloth rather a scissors.
No charm packs for the squares rather hand cut squares.
No matching thread rather white overall.
Believe me the end result was good rather amazing!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer project- Scrapbooking.

Scrapbook Cover made with bits

This Summer on 22nd May we headed for New Orleans for a two days short trip. Though the trip was bit tiring but we both,me and husband ,really enjoyed it.
New Orleans has lots of diversity in its food,culture,tradition and a enriched history to tell.
It has lot to offer apart from "Mardi Gras" for which it is mainly known to the tourists.I wanted to preserve these awesome memories of the New Orleans trip,so I tried my hands on Scrap-booking!

Handmade tags
Some tour brochure attached

Cutout from New Orleans travel guide book

Lets get started-
When I started making the scrapbook I didn't had any proper scrapbook album as such,so I began with a file folder.
While I completed decorating my file cover,I got blessed with two 12 by 12 inch scrapbook album(attended a church garage sale in my neighborhood and got 2 unused,new albums for$5). But I continued with my file folder,I bought some die cuts from ebay which were pretty cheap.
I bought bunch of card stock sheets from Big Lots maybe for $5.
Lastly I made some journaling tags because I like to write few lines here and there along with the photos.
And yes we had saved our streetcar Jazzy pass and museum tickets as well some city maps(believe me they are the best souvenirs). The page layouts are very simple so that the emphasis can be laid on the photos and their description.I don't want to get lost in the fuzzy,fancy layouts.

Jazzy Streetcar Pass
It came out good and I am happy with my first scrapbook. 

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

discovered Discovery!

Today I am not going to post anything about my experimentation with new crafts rather tell my readers about the organization,who inspire me to learn new techniques.
I am living in a small city called Bryan-College Station in Texas,this place is very unique according to me.Here most of the population comprises of International students coming from different corners of the world to study in Texas A&M University.And we are also one of the kind,I came with my husband to US three years back on a scorching hot evening.
The place where I live is surrounded by many churches, they conduct English classes for students as well their spouses mainly on F2 visa.For first few months I attended those English classes but then I came across something called "Discovery", it conduct various classes like Crochet,gardening,scrap-booking,Cross stitching, Knitting,Cooking,Sewing,English classes and more for International wives and their pre-school kids. Isn't it awesome, a place where you can make friends,know different culture,traditions as well learn something new every semester for free.
Its really a small place of heaven for me!
Thanks to all my teachers for teaching me something new every time.

My first machine sewing project.

This is my first experiment with machine sewing.I made this clutch with some scrap fabric lying in my drawer.I am new to machine sewing so the finished product is not very neat.I need more practice to make my stitches straight:))