Friday, November 12, 2010

Craiglist works!

Few months back I gave an advertisement on Craiglist for yarns as these days yarn prices are really going up and I needed some reasonably priced yarns. I didn't got any response at once but a week back somebody responded to my ad and most surprising offered me the yarn free of cost. I was really overexcited to take the yarn from the owner, so fixed a place to meet her.
But my excitement got little dampen when I had a look, it were 10 skeins of Black,Lion Brand yarn.
Though the yarns were really soft but the colour didn't lit up any idea in my mind, so I did little internet surfing a yarns soon!nd came up with an idea of making a Black & White combo shawl for my mother-in-law with Shell stitch. Isn't the idea brilliant, I am really super excited to begin my next project and thankful to the lady for giving those yarns as well delivering it too.
So now I need to buy some white

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