Thursday, December 9, 2010

My creativity with crocheting!

For a long time I was looking for a creative crochet project, which can be made easily without consuming loads of time. So I came up with an idea of making a crochet photo frame,it is very easy,inexpensive as well requires less time may be an hour.
Materials requires-
Any old,corrupt CD.
A pair Scissors
Adhesive or glue
Few beads
Crochet hook
And bit of crocheting skills

Take a photo and paste it on CD accordingly,may require resizing.
Then crochet a border using colorful yarns to make the frame attractive.
Stick the crochet border on the CD, forming a outline circle.
You can decorate using some beads.
Crochet a rose or some easy to make simple flower and stick it on to the bottom of the CD.
And don't forget to stitch a hanging loop.

It's so simple and easy!

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